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Store Additions--April 5, 2006
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April opens up with a shower of A.P. reading pleasure for you!

Revel in a topsy-turvy tea party and a round of crazed croquet in Rod Espinosa's New Alice in Wonderland #3! Fly the unfriendly skies of World War II with a jet-propelled Horten Ho-229A-1 and a piston-powered P-72 in Ted Nomura's Duel #3! Follow troll mage Brod and his rescue team on a retreat to the Retreat to save their friends in Gold Digger #74, and travel with Gina Diggers to Paradise in Gold Digger Color Remix #4, both from Fred Perry! Or take a Caribbean cruise, complete with gunfire and grenades, as the tension builds in Joe Wight's Twilight X: War #5!

Better turn those umbrellas upside-down to catch all the fun!

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