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Gold Digger Diversions for June!
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This summer, Fred Perry's taking a skip month in June for Gold Digger. But while he may be having fun, it's no vacation--he's spending the time busily animating his third GD: Time-Raft OVA! Keep an eye out for a preview clip soon!

And fear not, loyal readers, we'll still have plenty of GD goodies that month to satisfy your appetites! First up is issue 2 of GD: Throne of Shadows, the titanic team-up tale from Fred and Warrior Nun/I Hunt Monsters artist Craig Babiar! We've also got GD: Tangent #1, collecting in print the adventures of Ayane "Mistress" Anno and the Northern Edge Guard, two of Fred's ongoing online comics! And if that still hasn't overwhelmed you, we've also got the fifth GD Perfect Memory, covering color issues 51-75--in FULL COLOR!
We know holding out between GD issues is tough, so we make it worth the wait!

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