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Store Additions--June 26, 2006
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Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages... let's get rrreadyyyyy to rrrrROM-BLLLLLLE!

Yes, it's been a long time coming, ladies and gentlemen, but believe us when we say it was worth the wait. In this corner, we have a tag-team dream team of two dynamic DVDs, the Ultimate GD-ROM! Between them, they contain EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of Gold Digger from the original mini-series to color issue #75, loads of special issues, and a Time Raft Part 3 trailer! In this corner, we have the massive united forces of the GD Fandom, each one eager to take a piece out of the Ultimate GD-ROM! We're in for an exciting match this week, folks, but no matter what happens, EVERYONE will come out a winner!
That's just the first match of the week, ladies and gentlemen. There'll be tons more excitement later on! RIght now, over to our commentators, the Mighty Sabbo and El Buju Bontines...

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