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Store Additions--August 22, 2006
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Yes, school is back in session, but we've still got some summer memories to give you as August wears on:

First up this week is Fred Perry's Gold Digger #77, presenting the world-shaking conclusion to the Retreat Rescue Raid story arc! Then it's off to a break at the beach with Gold Digger Swimsuit #12, the latest End of Summer Special, featuring art from fans just like you—and a few not like you at all. And once you're tanned and rested, then it's back into battle with two titanic titles from Ted Nomura. First, we have the return of the long-sold-out Luftwaffe: 1946 Technical Manual TPB--nearly 300 pages of schematics and info of the fascinating (and potentially terrifying) weapons the Allies might have faced. Then it's a brand new chapter of the FoAW saga with the Wings of the Luftwaffe Special . The Screaming Angels in their L-113s scramble to stop the Luftsturm's modified Me-262 HGIIIs from making a suicide run on Washington, D.C.! What a way to win a war!

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