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Store Additions--October 6, 2006
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This week's store update is brought to you by the letters "B" and "G"!

We kick off the top o' the list with the second issue of Beowulf, from the one and only David Hutchison. Grendel's all about evening the score—an arm for an arm! Then from cybernetic combatants we go to cyberscape rescues with Wes Hartman and Brian Denham's Bit Torment! Can a genius programmer save her husband from her own inadvertently deadly software? Then take a break from the tension and shift from the B's to the G's (no mentions of Saturday Night Fever, please) with the latest issue of the Gold Digger Annual, filled to the brim with reader-submission-y goodness! And to top it off, we give you a chance to dope up your decor with the Gold Digger SuperPOSTER Mania book! Treat your walls (or ceiling or floor, for that matter) to any one or more of twenty-four double-sided, double-spread posters!

Tune in next week, when our update will be brought to you by the letters ∞ and π! Mmm...infinite pie...

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