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Store Additions--Nov. 20, 2006
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Got a heaping serving or two of brain food for the holiday week, guaranteed free of L-tryptophan!

In the true explorer spirit, we offer you a map to the labyrinth of Gold Digger plots and subplots, in the Gold Digger Sacred Library #1, wherein creator Fred Perry provides a quest log to keep you on the right path! Of course, he's still got new plots a-brewin' with a sunny trip for Penny and Charlotte to the beaches of Saudi Arabia in Gold Digger #79!

Back from the beach, it's time for a jaunt into space and another world with combat connoisseur Ted Nomura in the Tigers of Terra Special #1, celebrating 20 years, of the Families of Altered Wars saga! If this tour of duty leaves you injured, though, it might be best to find somewhere to go besides Meta Central. They're suffering an outbreak of alien disease that forces a full-blown quarantine! Find out how the staff of the Super E.R. handles this latest crisis in MetaDocs: Code Black #1, brought to you by the team of Joe Dunn, M.D.; Wes Hartman; Craig Babiar and David Hutchison!

Whew...we don't know about you folks, but after that much food for thought, we're ready for a nap. Wake us up in time for dessert...

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