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Store Additions--December 14, 2006
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Ho ho ho! Santa's been good to A.P. and you, bringing us this stockingful of reading goodness just in time for the holidays!

First up, we bring you the thrills and chills of holiday blockbuster movie fare with DinoWars #1, a prehistoric power punch from Rod Espinosa! The dinosaurs have returned from space--and they want their planet back!

And what says "Christmas" more than ninjas? Okay, maybe quite a few things, but there sure as heck are a lot of people out there who'd like to see ninjas for Christmas, and by golly, we deliver with Ninja High School #145, courtesy of Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn. In the aftermath of Nanashi's valiant sacrifice on his behalf, Tetsuo's still being a colossal jerk...or is he?

Then Santa's Workshop has to face an even more destructive force than rampaging dinosaurs or vampire ninjas: Mischief and Mayhem, a pair of button-eyed, flaxen-haired, heavily armed moppets out to bring Santa a present, no matter the cost. See who survives and who doesn't in the Mischief & Mayhem Winter Fun Special a heartwarming holiday tale brought to you by Dolly Madis—er, David Hutchison.

Finally, we top off the gift bag with a two-pack of holiday cheer from Fred Perry. In Gold Digger #80, Ancient Gina is determined to give her baby sister Britanny a Christmas present on their trip through quasi-space—if a pack of abyssalisks doesn't Scrooge up everything. What are abyssalisks? Find out in Gold Digger Sourcebook #1, the fantastic first issue of a spectacular GD-verse reference guide that no reader will want to be without!

Stay tuned for more of the Antarctic Press 2006 Holiday Special, after these messages!

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