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Store Additions--December 21, 2006
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This holiday season, Antarctic Press goes on a quest to bring you the Buddy Comedy of the Gods!

From storywriter Rod "Neotopia" Espinosa, scripter Dan Johnson and artist Yayoi Neko comes a gripping saga of mighty legends joining forces in an epic quest for a legendary artifact...that one of them lost when he was drunk. Thor, son of Odin, wakes up after a night of revelry to find his hammer missing. Unable to get any sympathy from Dad, he heads for Earth to seek the help of an old "pal," Hercules. Herc has spent the last several centuries on Earth, far away from Thor's self-centered idiocy and condescension. Now his "friend" is back and in need of help. Can two immortals find a lost tool of the gods without driving each other crazy? Find out in the Herc & Thor Pocket Manga, available now!

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