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Avast, ye readin' rapscallions! We told ye this was coming, and we be makin' good on our promise!
Keep your lookouts posted atop the mast or behind their secret wall panels, because Pirates vs. Ninjas #1 is ready to strike right now!
Gold Digger creator Fred Perry teams up with I Hunt Monsters writer Wes Hartman and Ninja High School writer Robby Bevard to bring you a swashbuckling, shuriken-studded tale of two rival forces locked in fierce combat over the mystic treasures of their ancient leaders. And to put that extra shine on the blade, this mind-blowing mighty conflict is illustrated spectacular detail by I Hunt Monsters and Specter 7 artist Craig Babiar!
Prepare for the pinnacle of adventure and the real, ultimate battle! It's Pirates vs. Ninjas! Whose side are you on?

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