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Final Girl Poll Opens!
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Who will be the Final Girl? That's for you to decide! YOU, the reader, will vote to determine who lives and who DIES!

This April, the disturbed minds of David Hutchison (Beowulf, Dragon Arms, Mischief & Mayhem, Oz: The Manga) and Antarctic Press take you on a trip through a concentrated brew of FULL-COLOR horror-movie madness and black humor from which only one person can emerge alive—and you get to choose who it is!

Throughout the next several months, you will be able to participate in an online poll and select which of our horror-harried heroines gets to survive through the end! Issue 5 will feature the thrilling climax, revealing which heroine the FANS have voted to be the FINAL GIRL! Just click the link above or in the Final Girl banner at the top right of the site's front page to participate. But you can only vote once, so choose wisely!

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