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Store Additions--April 18, 2007
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Gold! We've found gold! Gold from the Antarctic! Gold, gold, gold! And...dinosaurs?
Thundering in front with his thunder-lizard horde is Rod Espinosa, bringing you a blast of behind-the-scenes info in the DinoWars: Extinction Files special! The encyclopedic onslaught continues with Gold Digger Sourcebook #5, packed cover to cover with information on everything from Master Ecko of the Shadow Elves to Gina Diggers herself, both modern and ancient! Need to sit down to absorb all that? Fred Perry and Craig Babiar bring you the best seat in the house in the Gold Digger: Throne of Shadows Pocket Manga! And topping off this week's mother lode is Gold Digger #84, a tale of heartwarming, bittersweet nostalgia laced with plenty of '80s SF and cartoon references, courtesy of the one and only Fred Perry!

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