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Store Additions--June 8, 2007
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June's just begun, and already A.P.'s turning up the summer heat!
David Hutchison fans the flames of fear in Final Girl #2, as the dark secrets of Castle Hills shamble slightly further into the light. Only one heroine will survive the truth, and you get to pick who it is!
Then the summer gold rush is on! The mighty Monty must save his friend Ayane from an endless, waking nightmare, Julia and Debra face a fearsome battle against an unexpected foe, and Gina and her group prepare to explore the dangers deep below the Earth in Gold Digger #86 from the incomparable Fred Perry! This month's mother lode is topped off by another full-color festival of Peebo-mania in Gold Digger: Peebo Tales #2 and a fact-filled fusillade from Gold Digger Sourcebook #6!
June also brings a dojo-full of ninjas to liven up your summer! Ninja High School hits a double landmark this month, celebrating 20 years and 150 issues. Ninja High School #150 brings you a slew of short stories from a host of A.P. artists, Ben Dunn included, and it even comes in a signed edition featuring every artist's autograph and a limited sketch cover edition! And if that's not enough ninja for your noggin (and for some, there's never enough), we've also got the Ninja High School: Class Reunion 20th Anniversary Special, featuring commentary from Ben Dunn and Robby Bevard on every single NHS issue, a cover gallery of all the specials, and lots o' bonus info! And guarding the flank is NHS: Hawaii Pocket Manga #3 from Robby Bevard and Katie Bair, bringing battles with fish demons, soul-sucking vice-principals, evil government agent robots and more!

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