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Store Additions--June 21, 2007
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Celebrate Summer Solstice with a second blast of hot books from A.P. this month!
David Hutchison balances summer heat with chilling revelations, whittling down the hapless fugitives in Castle Hills in Final Girl #3. Who will survive? You decide!
Heated days meet heated battle in Gold Digger #87 from Fred Perry. Julia and Debra finally have a chance to gain vengeance on the assassin Zero, but are stopped by a foe too strong for both of them! Hard to believe, considering how powerful Julia is, as revealed in Gold Digger Sourcebook #7.
And if you think that's excitement, just wait—A.P.'s gonna up the ante! That's right, it's the explosive first issue of PIrates vs. Ninjas II: Up the Ante, coming your way from indomitable artist Craig Babiar and the invincible writing team of Robby Bevard, Wes Hartman and Joe Wight! And with a choice of PIrates Triumphant and Ninjas Triumphant covers, you get one more way to show whose side YOU'RE on!

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