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Antarctic Press brings you its own summer blockbuster with the medical marvels of MetaDocs!
When there's trouble too big for regular people to handle, you call in the super-heroes. But when the super-heroes get super-hurt, who do you call in then? The MetaDocs! The unique staff of Ultracity's Metacentral Medical Plaza are supremely equipped and trained to deal with illnesses and injuries of the world's super-powered citizens. But as new staff member Dr. Rayos quickly discovers, the challenges and dangers the MetaDocs face daily can be just as supercharged as their patients!
Find out who saves the super-heroes—and who saves those who save the super-heroes—in MetaDocs: Anatomy of a Super-Hero, written by Joeming Dunn, M.D. and Wes Hartman, illustrated by Rod Espinosa, Craig Babiar and David Hutchison! Get yourself a copy, stat!

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