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Store Additions--August 3, 2007
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The dog days of summer are packed with adventure high, low, and everywhere in between at Antarctic Press!
The tension mounts as the horrific truth of Castle Hills slowly shambles into the light in Final Girl #4 by David Hutchison! Who will survive? You decide! Then it's on to the courts in Ninja High School #151 from Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn, where the name of the game is tennis...and dishwashing? Gina Diggers and her friends are always up for action, of course, and Gold Digger #88 from Fred Perry is no exception! Gina's group is finally off into the monstrous Labyrinth, but the ancient creatures there may be more than even her tough and savvy team can handle! Find out more about the exploits and abilities of GD's phenomenal cast in Gold Digger Sourcebook #8! Things get downright beastly in PIrates vs. Ninjas II: Up the Ante, showcasing the skirmish between two of Nature's worst enemies, ninja monkey and pirate parrot! Artist Craig Babiar and writers Robby Bevard, Wes Hartman and Joe Wight deliver natural fury you'll never see on the Discovery Channel! Then the action really takes off this month in the high-altitude debut of Sky Sharkst #1, brought to you by the high-octane team of Wes Hartman and Fred Perry! You can also get personalized reading pleasure with a special sketch cover edition! Your ticket to Thrillsville has been issued, and you're cleared for takeoff!

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