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The heat keeps coming this summer, so cool off with a dip in the ocean, courtesy of your local pirate band, or fan yourself as you soar through the trees with a double dose of ninjas!
Suzume's still got problems coming to terms with her assassin heritage, but a more immediate concern's come up: One of her classmates is accompanied by a demon! Can the skills of a trained berserker killer stand against this keeper of the powers of the Reaper? Find out in Ninja High School #152, brought to you in fine, fatal form by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn!
Then sit right back and relive a tale, a tale of a fateful trip to find mythical lost treasure. Scurvy sea dogs battle shadowy shinobi in a fight for their ancestors' treasures, with one lanky linguist loser caught in the middle. No matter whose side you're on, you're in for the read of your life with Pirates vs. Ninjas Pocket Manga Vol. 1, savvily scribed by Fred Perry, Wes Hartman and Robby Bevard, and expertly etched by the cunning Craig Babiar!

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