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Get a 20th-anniversary double-dose of A.P.'s landmark title, Ninja High School, to fire up the end of your summer!!
The school year's just about to begin, and A.P.'s ahead of the game, handing out yearbooks already! Once again, the various students, faculty and alumni of Ninja High School fandom have come together to show their appreciation for one of the longest-running American manga titles in existence. See for yourself how each one has added his or her personal signature to Ninja High School Yearbook #19. If you're not in there, be sure to sign up for next year!
And if you're still not ready to give up on your vacation, enjoy a little more time in the South Pacific with Ninja High School Hawaii Pocket Manga Vol. 4. Of course, between junior Norse deities, evil twins, vengeful cloners, an amnesiac castaway, a kung-fu master janitor, and a date-seeking assassin, it might not be much of a vacation!

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