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Store Additions--November 30, 2007
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The holiday shopping season is upon us, and Antarctic Press is bringing out the stocking stuffers!
Celebrate the holidays with a trio of pocket manga for your reading pleasure! Gina Diggers and her companions encounter a shape-shifting alien, genetically enhanced bodyguards, drunken fellow explorers, and real, live Djinn in Gold Digger II Pocket Manga #1. Gina then pursues the secret of the Djinn but must survive a dragon and his wives first, and her mother, Julia, must regain her stolen honor from her arch-rival in Gold Digger II Pocket Manga #2. Both proudly portable periodicals are brought to you by the incomparable Fred Perry!
Teen ninja Yumei and her friends are gearing up for the senior prom, but first she and her boyfriend Michael must travel to Japan to meet a mysterious assailant, or their friend Yoji will die from the attacker's poisoning! Family secrets, true internet romance, epic combat and sacrifice, and awkward moments galore wrap up this story arc in NHS: Hawaii Pocket Manga #5 by Katie Bair and Robby Bevard! Then tech geek Arthur makes his move to impress sarcastic kitsune girl Maddie with a holographic display, but they both see something unexpected in Ninja High School #155, by Ben Dunn and Robby Bevard!

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