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Holiday Grab Bag!
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For the twelve days of Christmas, Antarctic gives to you...twelve comics plus some bonus stuff too!
That's right, for a mere $5.00, you get the Holiday Grab Bag, twelve totally random issues of Antarctic Press comics (to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, you see). They could be issues from any title we've published over the last 20 years, from the earliest Mangazines and Ninja High Schools to the latest Pirates vs. Ninjas and Sky Sharks! And random Grab Bags will include a certificate you can redeem for random prize: a gift card, a free subscription, original art, or who knows what else! Yes, all this can be yours for just $5.00 including postage and handling ($6.00 if you live in Canada or Mexico, $7.00 if you live elsewhere)! Sale ends December 25, so get yours today!

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