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Store Additions--January 25, 2008
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The first batch of Pocket Manga for the year is always special...well, maybe no more special than other batches of Pocket Manga, but that's still pretty special!
Warrior supreme Julia Diggers continues the fight to regain her title and honor in Gold Digger II Pocket Manga #3 by Fred Perry! Teen ninja supreme Ricky Feeple fights just to stay alive through his school's new, weird curriculum in NHS: Shidoshi Pocket Manga #1 by Robby Bevard, Chris Reid and Ben Dunn! And button-eyed troublemakers supreme Mischief and Mayhem fight their way to Heck and back, take on the military while saving Christmas, and even battle each other to the death once or twice in Mischief & Mayhem Pocket Manga #1 by David Hutchison!

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