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March at A.P. ends in a shower of books for you!
Frank Derringer and his team of airborne heroes for hire are caught between power-mad destroyers and ruthless, deadly competitors in the power-climbing Sky SharksTPB by Wes Hartman and Fred Perry! Half-outcast noble Ronen is stronger than most mortals, yet even all his might may not save him from political upheaval in Prince of Heroes #3 by Rod Espinosa! Dimensional upheaval threatens Gina Diggers, who's been shot into the ever-changing infinity of quasi-space in Gold Digger #94 by Fred Perry. Her family and friends are out to get the culprit, and they know just where to find him...or do they? See what Gina's greatest enemy has been plotting and what he's got up his sleeve next in Dreadwing's Mymior, also by Fred Perry! And as always, there's loads of lore available about Gina's, friends, family and foes in Gold Digger Sourcebook #15!

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