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Store Additions--April 11, 2008
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Antarctic's not foolin' around this month, bringing a light shower of titles to open up the month of April!
For Earth Day this year, discover the real reason Earth's ecology's in trouble (and see Pirates and Ninjas fighting on dinosaurs) in Pirates vs. Ninjas: Global Harming by Joe Wight and David Hutchison! Celebrate a family reunion as the Diggers sisters finally get back together in Gold Digger #95 by Fred Perry! Thrill to one Peebo's struggle to elude a dire devourer of fine art (on tuna cans) in Gold Digger: Peebo Tales #3, also by Fred Perry! And as always, you can find much fine art and info about GD's heroes, villains, and everything in between in Gold Digger Sourcebook #16!

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