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Get a pocket full of fun and education from Antarctic Press!
Antarctic stars Ben Dunn and David Hutchison help you face up to the task of drawing faces (features and expressions), size up body types, get a grip on hands and feet, and figure out drawing the full figure in How to Draw Manga Pocket Manga Vol. 2! Ben, David, and Rod Espinosa bring you the finer points of designing characters, especially villains, drawing weapons, and creating creepy creatures, in How to Draw Manga Pocket Manga Vol. 3! Slightly less educational but no less fun is NHS: Shidoshi Pocket Manga Vol. 2 from Ben Dunn and Robby Bevard. Ricky Feeple has to improve his ninja skills a lot, and quickly, to deal with the sinister Shidoshi and their ninja vampire, Kyonshi. However, his training regimen might just do him in first! Learn and laugh when you pocket these portable pieces of pleasurable pastimes today!

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