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Pirates vs. Ninjas: Now Recruiting!
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The Pirates vs. Ninjas battle is going public! Now anyone can join in!
Once a good pirate-ninja brawl gets going, everyone wants in on the act, so Antarctic's gonna let 'em! A.P.'s starring swashbucklers and shinobis—Fred Perry, Ben Dunn, David Hutchison, Rod Espinosa, Joe Wight, Kelsey Shannon and more—are gonna have it out once and for all. They're taking part in the ultimate battle, fighting not with short swords and pinwheels, but with short stories and pin-ups, each providing his own take on the struggle between these eternal enemies! When the dust settles and all the tales are told, there can only be one winner: YOU!

Just give your local retailer the Diamond Item Code JUL083642! Reserve early so you can be sure of a good seat—er, good copy!

Like our other annuals, this will be a collection of short stories, gags and pin-ups centered around the everlasting struggle for real, ultimate power—and we want you to join the fight! Contributions need not take place within any of the established Pirates vs. Ninjas continuities and need not feature established characters. Submission rules are standard for our black-and-white annuals, as listed in our guidelines. The submission deadline is August 15, so ready your best shots by then!

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