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Store Additions--August 3, 2008
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Antarctic Press is making all your midsummer night's dreams come true this August!
It's an election year summer, and now you can show your support for the Shinobi ticket with an I Voted for Ninjas T-shirt in Large, Extra Large, or Double Extra Large! Or signify your standing on the Swashbuckler ticket with an I Voted for Pirates T-shirt, also in Large, Extra Large, and Double Extra Large! Once you're dressed for success, read up on the latest NHS issues—and we don't mean the National Health System! Quagmire's been cast into an RPG-style realm. Discover how final this fantasy may prove for some in Ninja High School #162 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn! And for some meatier reading, snag yourself a copy of NHS: Shidoshi Pocket Manga Vol. 3, also by Bevard and Dunn, and catch up on the issues you may have missed!

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