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Store Additions--October 17, 2008
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This October, Antarctic Press delivers titles on two themes that strike terror in the hearts of millions: zombies...and elections! But with our useful guides, there's no need to fear either!
Brush up on depicting all the classic (and not-so-classic) varieties of shambling, brain-biting undead, as well as all the tools you'll need to fight or escape them, in How to Draw and Fight Zombies Supersize TPB, presented by Ben Dunn, featuring Joe Wight, Fred Perry, David Hutchison and more! Then discover the major people, events and forces that have shaped the lives of the two 2008 candidates for U.S. President in McCain: The Comic Book by Chris Allen and Joeming Dunn and Obama: The Comic Book all by Chris Allen. If we fear what we do not understand, then conquer your fear by understanding these two men!

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