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Give thanks for one more round of titles this month from Antarctic Press!
Tip and his new friends have escaped from the all-female revolt in the Emerald City and reached the Tin Woodman. Now they have to go back and retake the city, with the witch Mombi hampering them the whole way! See how they and their new ally fare in Land of Oz: The Manga - Return to the Emerald City #1 by David Hutchison! Meanwhile, fantasy is still running amok in Quagmire, and things are starting to turn desperate. With the delicate balance of forces a hair's breadth from collapsing, someone will have to die to prevent calamity—at the hands of Ricky Feeple! Get a good grip on your seat and find out what happens in Ninja High School #165 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn!

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