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Arm yourself well and prepare for takeoff on another leg of the fantastic journey to the Land of Oz!
Weaponsfile has long been one of Antarctic's best-selling photo-reference titles, and now it's back, even bigger and better! Weaponsfile: Extreme Arsenal compiles all previous imagery with a full clip of all-new material! Polish the penciling of your pistols with this fantastic new guide! Then gun your way over to the newest Oz adventure!
General Jinjur has taken the Emerald Throne, and Tip and company have had to flee. Thanks to the Gump, they've escaped—all the way out of Oz! Now they're stuck in a giant jackdaw nest, about to suffer an avian assault of Hitchcockian proportions! See how the feathers fly in Land of Oz: The Manga - Return to the Emerald City #2 by David Hutchison!

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