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Store Additions--January 30, 2009
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Santa's delivered a late Christmas package to Antarctic Press: eight new issues this week, plus the return of one that sold out early!
Things get ever weirder for the Afterlife's odd couple as they wrestle a giant bat demon in Fire and Brimstone #4 by Richard Moore! The horror's a bit heavier but no less fun in Yeti vs. Vampire #2 by Miles Gunter and Kelsey Shannon, where the fur and fangs are flying! An ancient fortress rises from its grave to wreak havoc in Gold Digger #102, and a trip to Shangri-La's Library of Time proves anything but by the book in Gold Digger #103, both by Fred Perry. In addition, the landmark Gold Digger #100 is back in stock! The GD: Tifanny & Charlotte team reunite to bring you the first Gold Digger/Ninja High School crossover in seven years, GD/NHS: Maidens of Twilight #1 by Fred Perry, Robby Bevard and J.L. Anderson! There's also a double-helping of GD-verse info available with Gold Digger Sourcebook #23 and Gold Digger Tech Manual #1! And last but definitely not least is a great little book about great little characters, How to Draw Chibi Pocket Manga, brought to you by Ben Dunn, David Hutchison, John Kantz and more!

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