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Store Additions--March 6, 2009
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March has roared in like the proverbial lion, and Antarctic roars back with three issues this week!
In the final series issue, Tip and friends confront his nemesis, Mombi, and get a shocking revelation in Land of Oz: The Manga - Return to the Emerald City #4 by David Hutchison! Meanwhile, in another fantasy world, spirit medium Seance and ex-Grim Reaper Dawn have to find the bounty hunters who kidnapped their friends—if they can survive a Rakshasa felon and her pet tyrannosaurus—in Maidens of Twilight #2 by Fred Perry, J.L. Anderson, and Robby Bevard! And back on Earth, we get to see exactly what makes a villain as the history of Shidoshi leader Yuudai is explored in Ninja High School #168 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn!

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