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Good "Evil" and More in Store this Summer!
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The heat's on so high at A.P. this July, we gotta vent some of it now before we burst!

Blasting first through the gate is President Evil, a zombilicious, FULL-COLOR special from David Hutchison! Something far more sinister than usual is going on in our nation's capital. Troop-boosting experiments gone wrong have created monstrous soldiers led by undead presidents, all hungrier for more than pork barreling! Can the Commander in Chief, his allies and rivals set aside their partisan differences to combat this nightmare? YES THEY CAN!

We're also offering a high- quality print of the cover image by Brian Denham, suitable for framing or for blocking windows so zombies can't tell you're home!

We're offering special pre-orders of both President Evil items through the blue links above. Or go to your local comics retailer now and ask them to order you items MAY090636 (the issue) and MAY090636 (the print). Avoid the zombie rush (and the usual postage costs) and snag your copies now!

And that's not all the humor and horror this summer. The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge in Bad Kids Go to Hell, a sexy, dark comedy-thriller mini-series written by Matt Spradlin (co-creator of True Believer for the Sci-Fi Channel, visual effects creator for X-Men 2 and Beowulf) and Barry "Bazz" Wernick (co-writer of the feature film Shoots & Ladders), and drawn by hot new comic artist Anthony Vargas!

Also kicking off that month is Gold Digger Tiffany & Charlotte: Second Semester, a four-issue follow-up to the hit miniseries by Fred Perry and J.L. Anderson! Gold Digger's own Odd Couple—Tifanny 'Gia and her bestest buddy, Charlotte Pinser—are back in class at A.P.S.-001, the school for super-beings and super-brains. Tif' finally gets her wish to get a school talent show going so she and Charlie (and a reluctant Pojo) can show off performing ballet. Then they learn it's a "Battle Talent Show", where they now have to use ballet to fight!

In Gold Digger #109 by Fred Perry, Julia Diggers goes to Jade-Realm to visit the tomb of her old teacher, Master Leep. However, her former fellow pupil and best friend, Karia, now master of Jade's war-magic school, is determined to make Julia face the fallout from his death!

The "Shidoshi" story arc builds towards its conclusion in Ninja High School #174 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn. Red Ninja Ricky Feeple, having trained for ten years, is ready for the epic showdown with the insane, unkillable Shidoshi leader, Yuudai!

And far out in space, young Ronen and his mother face ever greater danger on the last leg of their journey to their home world. Their ship has been attacked and boarded in mid-warp by Olgom privateers, one of whom attempts to kidnap Ronen. The final battle is about to commence in Prince of Heroes Chapter II #4 by Rod Espinosa!

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