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Store Additions--May 7, 2009
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Make the month of May merrier with the latest books from Antarctic Press!
A.P. proves that big stories can come on small canvases with the Gold Digger Sketchbook Album by Fred Perry! Follow the adventures of Crush and Xane at Agency Zero, Avenger and her Amazing Friends, and more! The newest Gold Digger/Ninja High School team-up comes to a fun-filled conclusion in Maidens of Twilight #4 by Fred Perry, Robby Bevard and J.L. Anderson! Tensions run high as Ricky Feeple tries to help his archrival Tetsuo Rivalsan marry the girl he loves in Ninja High School #170 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn! And there's a vast hoard of thrills and laughs stockpiled in Pirates vs. Ninjas: It Takes a Pillage Pocket Manga, brought to you by David Hutchison, Fred Perry and Joe Wight!

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