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Store Additions--May 28, 2009
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One big bouquet of May flowers coming your way this week from Antarctic Press!
Earth's sole hope against the unleashed monsters of Hell has only one target left, but this sultry siren may leave him wailing in Demon Cleaner #3 by Miles Gunter and Victor Santos! The intrepid Ronen may also be outclassed as he faces a powerful, vengeful cousin and a massive pirate raid in Prince of Heroes Chapter II #3 by Rod Espinosa! Fur flies fast, fun and furious and in FULL COLOR in the Furrlough Color Special #1, a joint project with Radio Comix including work from Fred Perry, Phil "Poinko" Gibson, Ben Dunn, Remi Perron and more! The color's so intense, it's invaded the past—and brought us the Gold Digger Mangazine Color Remix, a new edition of the very first GD by Fred Perry! Also brought to you by Fred: A pair of were-rats find themselves in over their thieving heads in Gold Digger #107, we learn all about the marvelous machinery used by Briana Diggers and Dreadwing in Gold Digger Tech Manual #4, and the beaches are open for business in Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #17!

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