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The summer breeze makes you feel fine, blowing in the A.P. books online!
Six sizzlin' students spend their Saturday shrieking at a seance in Bad Kids Go to Hell #2 by Matt Spradlin, Barry Wernick, Chris Allen and Anthony Vargas! School's a lot less scary (if no less strange) in GD: Tifanny & Charlotte Pocket Manga Vol. 1 by Fred Perry and J.L. Anderson! An old schoolmate is back to make sure Julia Diggers never repeats what was done to their old teacher in Gold Digger #109 by Fred Perry! Check out her darling daughter Gina's sweet rides and more in Gold Digger Tech Manual #6! And cheer on the valiant Ronen in his fight against space pirates in Prince of Heroes Chapter II #5 by Rod Espinosa!

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