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Store Additions--November 13, 2009
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Friday the 13th's your lucky day this week, as it brings a new batch of titles from A.P.!
The date's just perfect for more ticklish terror in the nation's capital, as "Barot" Obama and his team face a horde of undead presidents in President Evil 3: Eat the Press by David Hutchison! Gina and Penny head into lunar orbit to lend a hand to reformed Dynasty A.I. Kia, but come under fire from some of his former victims in Gold Digger #112 by Fred Perry! See what manner of gadgetry Penny might use to save them in Gold Digger Tech Manual #9! Then take a trip back out westóWAY out westófor the FULL COLOR debut of bounty hunters Meg and Phil in Far West: Badder Mojo by Richard Moore!

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