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Store Additions--January 8, 2010
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Another trio of new titles and an extra-sweet Online Store deal from A.P.!
In Gold Digger #113 by Fred Perry, Penny must rescue Ace from flying for Night Flight with Skippy, her rival for his affection, but it's possible he can'tóor won'tócome back! Ricky Feeple is reunited with his long-lost father, learns some dark secrets about his mother, and sets out for home with his new adopted sister (a giant rat?!), all in Ninja High School: Shidoshi Pocket Manga Volume 7 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn! And if all this gets you itching to draw your own grand sagas but the poses pose a problem, then the Posefile Pocket Manga Volume 1, is for you!
BONUS: From January 8-10, make any purchase of $30 or more (not including foreign shipping), and you get a FREE FULL-SIZE POSTER of the wraparound cover to Gold Digger #101!

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