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It's a real VIP weekend at Antarctic Press, with presidents, kings, princes and more!
"Barot" Obama and his Political Action Committee (heavy on the "action") battle for survival in an eat-or-be-eaten zombie world in President Evil 4: Yes, We Cannibal by David Hutchison! En route to his ancestors' home world, young superhuman Ronen must survive both members of his clan and raiding space pirates in Prince of Heroes Chapter II TPB by Rod Espinosa! Then Spellvis, the King o' Rock 'n' Roll Magic, is back to make all the hot mamas love him tender before he leaves 'em all shook up in Gold Digger: Spellvis Return of the King Special by Fred Perry! Last but not least, read up on the ancient super-tech from the Age of Wonders in Gold Digger Tech Manual #10!

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