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Store Additions--April 30, 2010
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We close out April with short but satisfying shower...of Gold Digger!
At long last, Gar and Luan (and Carla) make it to the Shun-Leep Proving Grounds to test their mastery of their art. There's a few things wrong with the place, though...and they're all about three apples high, dressed in green, and piloting a wooden robot! Test your mettle by reading all about it in Gold Digger #117! Back home, Peebri's up to her usual tricks and then some. She's just gotta get a sneak peak at that new playtest-stage video game, even if it means tricking her creator's niece, Tifanny into putting them both into cyberspace! It's an uproarious upload in GD: Peebri's Big Adventure #2, both by Fred Perry!

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