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Store Additions--May 20, 2016

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Store Additions--May 28, 2010
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As May comes to a close, we bring you lessons on making mighty machines plus three issues of derring-do and adventure!
An ousted nobleman forms a vigilante band to foil the corrupt king who cheated him in the classic tale of Robin Hood, brought to you by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn! With the help of his put-upon fairy friend, a tiny gargoyle braves a "haunted" house to prove just how scary he can be in Chip #2 by Richard Moore! Gina and Britanny Diggers are on a two-person rescue mission to save Brit's husband and his superhero friends from an ancient evil in Gold Digger #118 by Fred Perry! And get ready to rage with the machines as you learn to draw them with How to Draw Robots Pocket Manga by Sherard Jackson!

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