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Get more than a rocket in your pocket this July from Antarctic Press!
Britanny gives birth, the Lich King escapes the underworld, Luan faces unexpected danger in the UFF arena, and the dragon Fauntleroy and his wives raid a Miami prison, all in Gold Digger II Pocket Manga Vol. 9! Then Charlotte is seeing triple, Stripe helps Agency Zero fight Fauntleroy, and the Lich King kidnaps Brit' and her baby Tifanny in Gold Digger II Pocket Manga Vol. 10, both by Fred Perry! Life's no easier for Tif' later on: A new stuck-up classmate, Charlie's peanut mania, a mission to save her teacher's old boyfriend, and her own emerging were-powers make for a heck of a school year in Gold Digger: Tifanny & Charlotte Second Semester Pocket Manga, by Fred Perry and J.L. Anderson!

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