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Store Additions--October 22, 2010
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We're only halfway through October, but the zombies just can't wait for Halloween—and neither can we!
Do the Martial Arts Monster Mash with a wayward Shaolin student as he fights to defeat the evil he's unleashed in Enter the Zombie by Ben Dunn, Fred Perry and Robby Bevard! Join a preteen xenobiologist genius and her captive undead audience for tea and treachery in The Littlest Zombie #2 by Fred Perry! Get a bagful of tasty treats and silly, scary stories without even leaving your home with Gold Digger Halloween Special #6 by Fred Perry & friends! And if your tastes for Halloween (or in general) run more high-tech than horror, then expand your horizons with the How to Draw Sci-Fi Supersize TPB by Ben Dunn, David Hutchison and more!

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