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Store Additions--December 6, 2010
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Happy Horrordays from Antarctic Press!
The holiday spirits we bring may not be the jolliest, but they make some great reading (or decorating). Fred Perry's undersized undead hero gets some competition his own size in The Littlest Zombie vs. The Littlest Vampire! Get a portable guide on the finer points of drawing his bloodsucking rival and her kind in How to Draw Vampires Pocket Manga by Ben Dunn, Fred Perry, and David Hutchison! And deck your halls (or someone else's) with the President Evil: Yes We Cannibal Print by David Hutchison, available in regular and "distressed" versions!
And with the holidays upon us, don't forget to preorder Gold Brick VI! Place your order by December 31, and get three 10-page portfolios as a special bonus! Printing is contingent on preorders, so do your part today! Uncle Fred wants get Gold Brick VI!

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