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Antarctic Press closes out the year with another fantastic issue of Gold Digger!
The diabolical Dreadwing is back, ready to make his next move for control of reality! He's just gained control of the "Infinity Engine" from his nemesis, Ancient Gina, but before he can make his move, he has to deal with a vengeance-bound Kobold Queen and her hordes of Psi-Kobolds...which Dreadwing trained to fight! Will Dreadwing's luck run out? Find out in Gold Digger #124 by Fred Perry!
Bigger, bolder, golden goodness is still available for preorder in Gold Brick VI! Today's the last day you can order and get three 10-page portfolios as a special bonus, but preorders are open 'til the end of January! Printing is contingent on those orders, so do your part today! If you haven't ordered yet, make it your New Year's resolution to get Gold Brick VI!

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