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Store Additions--January 28, 2011
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Scary fun, political tomfoolery and straight-out rockin' action are the order of the day at Antarctic Press!
Preorders are now closed for The Last Zombie #4 by Brian Keen and Joe Wight, because it's now in hand and ready to send! You can also get our first big political parody hit, President Evil by David Hutchison, now collected as President Evil: I Have a Scream! All four satire-soaked issues are available in both full-color, full-size TPB and economical Pocket Manga formats! Things come to a head for 4-inch gargoyle Chip as he and his friends face a cryptid hunter out for the Jersey Devil's head in Chip: Second Crack #3 by Richard Moore! And you definitely don't want to miss Gold Digger #125 by Fred Perry, a bonus-sized issue with Gina, Brit', Monty, T'Mat and Debra facing the diabolical Dreadwing!

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