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Store AdditionsóMar. 23, 2012
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We let loose with both barrels this weekócolor and black-and-white!
A tubby little cubby all armed to the teeth protects Hundred Acre Woodland City from candy-coated criminals in the one-shot parody Dead Pooh, by Sean Davis, Al Sharpe and Marat Mychaels! Brianna, Charlotte and Pini try to figure out what to do with a pint-sized invader who claims to be Bri's future daughter in Gold Digger #137 by Fred Perry! Peruse the brass-bound pipe (and gearwheel) dreams of David Hutchison in Steampunk Sketchbook! And tune in for a glorious display of daring damsels dressed (somewhat) in brass, leather, lace and silk in Victorian Secret Agents: Steampunk Angels by Brian Denham!

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