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Store Additions—Apr. 11, 2012
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Today's your lucky day: a triple-t(h)reat of tales involving World War II and/or the living dead!
There's fresh, young faces and food aplenty for Ian Scott and his group, but also plenty of serpents in Paradise in The Last Zombie: Neverland #3, by Brian Keene and Fred Perry! Captain Creed and his small raiding/extradition force are trapped on trainful of Totenkorps thirsty for their brains and blood in Nazi Zombies #2 by Joe Wight and Ben Dunn! And the adolescent ace of World War II and his amazing aircraft Birdy are back to battle post-war perils in Airboy: Deadeye #1, brought to you by Chuck Dixon, Gianluca Piredda and Ben Dunn!

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