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Store AdditionsóJune 29, 2012
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We've got a summer storm of new items to close out June! Another steampunk-stocked bounty of beauties, art, interviews and fiction awaits in Gearhearts #3, by Guy Brownlee, Tim Collier, and many more. The summer gets extra-steamy with Victorian Secret Girls of Steampunk: Girls of Summer, featuring art by Fred Perry, Rod Espinosa, Chris Allen and David Hutchison! Mexican cartel thugs make an unpleasant surprise for the survivors in The Last Zombie: Neverland #5 by Brian Keene and Fred Perry. And reanimated Totenkorps are an even worse surprise for the Allied soldiers in Nazi Zombies #3 by Joe Wight! More WWII action awaits in Airboy: Deadeye #3 by Chuck Dixon, Gianluca Piredda and Ben Dunn. Dreadwing schemes to free a valuable ally and undermine his enemies further in Gold Digger #140 by Fred Perry! And last but not least, middle school monster Bill Stokes returns to our store in Zombie Kid Diaries: Playing Dead by Fred Perry and David Hutchison!

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