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Preorder and Get Blown Miles Away
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Thunder...thunder...thunder...thunderation, check out this latest enterprise from A.P.!
Hyperspace hearthtrob Anthony Montomery (Star Trek: Enterprise's Ensign Travis Mayweather), Brandon Easton (writer for WB's new Thundercats series), Jeff Stokely, and Antarctic Press's very own Jey Odin (Chicken Fighter) have formed a mighty federation of talent to bring you a spectacular new hero title: Miles Away!!
Possessing superhuman photographic reflexes, shy teen Maxwell Miles finds himself battling on behalf of alien refugees who drag him into an interstellar war tied in with his family's dark past. Before long, he and his companions must combat evil beings on two worlds!
The entire spock-tacular, FULL-COLOR adventure, plus a spectacular section of story/art concepts, is all set to launch as a TPB in April 2013, but you can get yours now, without even having to warp space and time! Check out the sneak peek in our Previews Gallery, then get the whole story through our special preorder offer! And to charge the warp coils even higher, we're offering a limited, signed edition as well! How's that for puttin' a tiger in your Thundertank?

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