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Store Additions—March 8, 2013
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A terrific triple play of teaching, tough guys and terror opens up March!
Draw the funniest funny animals and the most super of friends, and have a great adventure time making your art 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat with How to Draw Adventure Friends and Other Cartoon Heroes, by Rod Espinosa, Chris Allen, and David Hutchison! See what happens when a powerful organization sics just about every man, animal and thing they can think of against a nigh-indestructible mammal that just doesn't care in Honey Badger vs. the World, by Jey Odin and Doug Dlin! And discover the dark secrets of Dr. Federman as he closes in on Ian Scott's own terrible secret in The Last Zombie: Before the After #5, by Brian Keene and David Hutchison!

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