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Store Additions—March 29, 2013
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The Easter Penguin's got some great finds for you this week!
Whether you're tearing around a forested moon in search of Rebel scum and ballista-toting teddy bears, or just fighting daily traffic to get your job done, you deserve to relax with a cool, refreshing...Biker Stout T-shirt, with art by Joe Wight! Available in four satisfying sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and Double Extra-Large!
And once you kick back, enjoy some rollicking fun with feisty fighter Bro the pegasus, Kid the obliviously risk-taking adventurer, and Artie the adorable, semi-competent ninja. It's Action Time Buddies #1, by Robby Bevard and Fred Perry, and it's sure to please any brony in search of some adventure time!

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